Types of Alerts

Working Fires

Defined as a working structure or brush fire with at least one hand line operating with an established water supply (either from a hydrant or from tankers). Companies are actively involved in firefighting. Brush fires must be at least 50 acres or be an imminent threat to nearby structures or people.

Hazardous Materials Incidents

Serious incidents involving hazardous materials units. Genuine incidents are usually indicated by evacuations, environmental threats, hot zones and prolonged operations. These incidents may include confined space or technical rescues.

Serious Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Accidents

Defined as incidents with entrapments and those involving motorcycles and pedestrians. All collisons involving a bus or public safety vehicle may be dispatched. Collisions that involve fatalities may also be dispatched.All aircraft related incidents may be dispatched regardless of injuries.

Weather Related Emergencies

Tornadoes, hurricanes or extensive flooding requiring a large fire-rescue service response. County based watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.

Police Incidents

Any incident that involves a pursuit (foot or vehicle), hostage situations, shots fired, or other newsworthy deemed incident may be dispatched.

Mass Casualty Incidents

Defined as incidents with at least six injuries requiring emergency transport.

Public Information Officer Announcements

Newsworthy information sent to APSN by any and all Public Information Officers


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